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Rules [everyone read]

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1Rules [everyone read] Empty Rules [everyone read] on Sat Nov 19, 2011 5:53 pm


Please read.
Welcome to HD Studios.

Here are the rules of the forum;


× anyone can post suggestions
× anyone can host MEPs
× there is no host order or limitations on how many MEPs can be open at the same time, but please, only one MEP from each member at the same time
× when posting a MEP suggestion, state the song you wish to use and possibly a theme for the MEP
× if three members show interest in the idea, feel free to post the parts to the Open MEPs section, state the theme, category, possible characters to focus on and a deadline
× categories are defined by the footage; Disney, Anime, Game, Live-action
× please don't mix categories (it'll look like shit)
× when handing in your part, upload it to a downloadable site (i.e. sendspace, megaupload, mediafire), feel free to post it to YT etc
× the host will be the one putting the parts together and uploading it to our YouTube channel
× the host will be the one adding the watermarks to each part (it's up to the host whether to add watermarks or not, the parts will be listed in the description of the final video), this way we avoid the rainbow of watermarks from each member
× host will make the intro & outro (informing the song, editors and footages used), unless it's given to someone else in the sign-ups

× as you probably understand, I'm not a mindreader, so please feel free to post requests for HD media. I'll post whatever I can find
× everyone should download the converter posted in the media - program section, it works wonders and is probably the best converter for HD geeks
× please understand that not everything CAN be found in HD, in these situations the quality isn't as gorgeous as HD/bluray rips, but I will always attempt to find the best quality footage
× anyone can post and respond to requests (I'm not superman)

× avoid double posts whenever possible. The forum may not always be active, so whenever there's a double-post situation, please rather edit your old post than post a new one
× please spam only in the spam section, I'd like the forum clean and rather not read five pages of chat in a MEP topic
× this will sound hilarious coming from me, but don't be a bitch ;D we're all epic people here
× please don't share the forum link, let's keep this private and members only

This is an important part of the forum, so I hope you read it carefully (sorry for the lenght).
And be warned that there will probably be changes in the rules once you all start screwing up and getting on my nerves. ;D
Nah, I love you guys <3
Thank you for reading.

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2Rules [everyone read] Empty Re: Rules [everyone read] on Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:49 am

Are we allowed to help you fill out the downloads section? Smile

Because I've been doing a little looking myself, and have found a few titles. Just trying to be helpful. <3

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3Rules [everyone read] Empty Re: Rules [everyone read] on Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:56 am


Absolutely. xD

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4Rules [everyone read] Empty Re: Rules [everyone read] on Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:53 pm

Yay! Very Happy

I'll put some stuff up tomorrow--for now, it's time for me to go to sleep. XD

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